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Digital -Tutors Stereoscopic 3D in After Effects

Stereoscopic 3D in After Effects
An in-depth guide to creating stereoscopic 3D imagery in post production.


Software: After Effects 7 and up (After Effects CS4 required to open project files)
Run Time: 2 hrs. 50 min., 1 discs
Availability: Ships next business day
Digital -Tutors Stereoscopic 3D in After Effects
Create 3D experiences directly in After Effects. Learn how to make stereoscopic 3D imagery and gain a deeper understanding of mathematics of stereo imagery, tips for creating safer stereo renders, and building camera rigs to create one of the most powerful effects in cinema. Contains nearly 3 hours of project-driven training and step-by-step examples for any artist using After Effects.

Popular highlights include:

* Stereoscopy Overview
* Rules of Safe Stereo
* Anaglyph Filtering
* Stereo 3D workflow
* Camera Rigs
* 3D Objects in After Effects
* Mathematics of Stereo Imagery
* Creating Interactive Guides to Help Visualize
* Color Correcting Stereo Imagery
* Composting Stereo Pair Renders from Maya
* Expressions
* Controlling Zero Parallax
* Interaxial Separation
* Creating a Camera Dolly System
* Animating Cameras with Dolly System
* Photoshop 3D Layers
* 3D Assets with Photoshop
* Assembling Multiple Compositions with Expressions
* Zero Parallax Controls in 3D Scene
* Interaxial Separation Controls
* Avoiding Keystoning and Other Stereo Distortions
* Creating a Stereo Camera Rig for Photoshop 3D Objects

Lesson Outline:

1. Introduction and Project Overview 2:52
2. Creating an Anaglyphic Stereo set-up 11:32
3. Setting up the Zero Parallax 4:06
4. Building a control system to edit the Zero Parallax point 10:34
5. Creating a camera dolly system and separation controls 12:41
6. Building a center camera rig 13:38
7. Cleaning up the project and adding render comps 8:16
8. Applying Safe Stereo rules to control maximum disparity 11:27
9. Building a Safe Stereo visualization tool 22:29
10. Creating a visualization representation of the Safe Zone 13:58
11. Cleaning up the final Stereo rig for easier animation 4:55
12. Defining Stereoscopics 1;22
13. Analyzing the different filter types 4:52
14. Covering the rules of Safe Stereo 3:49
15. Compositing Stereo pair renders from Maya 8:57
16. Preparing an OBJ in Maya for use in Photoshop 4:25
17. Importing 3D layers from Photoshop into After Effects 8:17
18. Setting up the Stereo rig to work with Photoshop 3D layers 8:15
19. Tying together the Photoshop 3D Controllers 4:56
20. Color correcting for Anaglyph renders 8:08
Total Run Time: 2:49:36

Item #: AEI-1090
Software Requirement: After Effects 7 and up (After Effects CS4 required to open project files)
Run Time: 2 hrs. 50 min., 1 discs
Format: CD-ROM
Platform: Mac / PC
Availability: Ships next business day
Weight: 0.25 lbs
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Stereoscopic After Effects

Digital Tutors Stereoscopic 3D in After Effects

stereoscopic 3d in after effects

after effects Stereo 3D Controls
after effects stereo 3d

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