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What is covered in this training product?

This training product is designed for anyone who needs to learn about the mental ray renderer and how to use it in a workflow designed specifically for Autodesk Maya. The mental ray renderer is used in the visual effects, film, architecture, and product visualization industries, among others. This professional renderer can be quite difficult to use and overwhelming for newcomers to rendering and mental ray technology. Taking you step by step and explaining how to use the mental ray renderer in terminology anyone can understand, this training product covers many aspects of mental ray with in-depth lessons that cover both basic principles and fundamentals, as well as production workflows and methods of trouble shooting issues that can appear during an actual production. By covering mental ray in an easy to understand manner, you will get a unique training experience unlike any offered anywhere else. Some of the subjects covered in depth with this training product include Global Illumination, Final Gathering, area lights, Caustics, tone mapping, Importons, Irradiance Particles, and production workflows for mental ray. This training product includes all project files and assets needed to follow along with the instructor. Project files require Autodesk Maya 2009 and up.

NOTE: This product is available as a download only.
Includes all project files, scenes, and assets.

Who is this training product for?

This training product is designed to teach a wide array of skill sets with mental ray. It begins with simple lessons, however it then moves at a comfortable pace into more advanced topics that cover many more powerful features of mental ray. This training is perfect for students learning mental ray rendering for the first time, 3d artists who need to learn the art of rendering with mental ray for Maya quickly and easily, professionals looking to learn how to use the latest mental ray features introduced with Maya 2009 and mental ray 3.6/3.7, such as the new Importons and Irradiance Particles features, among others. If you need to learn mental ray quickly and easily, this training is right for you.

Total running time: 5:49:23


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image: Introduction to Rendering with mental ray in Autodesk Maya 2009

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Mental Ray 2009

mental ray maya 2009

architecture design mental ray
architecture design mental ray

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