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Video2brain - Photoshop Convention 2009 DVD iSO

Video2brain - Photoshop Convention 2009 DVD iSO | 6.83GB
In November 2009 the third convention in Munich Photoshop opened its doors. For two days, the visitors were in 40 lectures and workshops to date on Photoshop & Co. bring. We were for you with our camera crew on site! If you could not even be here or would like to once again want to listen to the lectures - with this selection, you live!


Russell Brown: Mastering masking in Adobe Photoshop CS4
Join Adobe's senior art director, the mad scientist "Dr. Brown" as he guides you through an amazing adventure masking. Learn some basic, intermediate, and advanced Photoshop techniques for masking selections. The art of creating an accurate mask is the secret to enhancing great images in Adobe Photoshop, and that's what this class is all about.

Karsten Rose: Beauty and Portrait Retouching
Beauty and Portrait Retouching is announced today more than ever. Whether glossy magazine, images on television, the Internet or a private portrait photo - each and every one, whether star or stars, politicians or managers want a Wow! Have self-image. Sometimes, however, this has nothing to do with the person depicted is to be. Karsten Rose shows you how you can change the face and body shapes not only the skyline but also in the frontal view. You can see the different types of skin retouching, their different ways, from Normal skin of velvet-up dolls, and Geisha look. They find ways to change the skin texture in Photoshop - with and without filters. You will learn how to skin color than LAB modify, adapt and reshape it. Also: Various make-up techniques of adjustment layers and layer masks.

Calvin Hollywood see the light, set and control
The most important thing in photography is the most light. Because no light no picture! In this talk shows Calvin Hollywood creative possibilities of lighting on - both with studio flashes as well as with Photoshop. What must be illuminated to produce a photograph of some picture looks too? As you can in Photoshop to improve and expand the existing light situation? As you can simulate in Photoshop hot spots and strip lights? What is "dodge and burn"? Depth and plasticity of light painting - how does it? These and many other questions, please contact the speaker in this lecture. Calvin Hollywood shows you different techniques in Photoshop, with which you can improve your image editing workflow and expand. After this lecture, you know creative Photoshop techniques on "Designing with light and can easily apply.

Russell Brown: What's New in Adobe Photoshop CS4
Join Adobe senior creative director Russell Brown for this tips-and-techniques extravaganza, featuring Photoshop CS4, and CS4 Extended. In his own unique style, Russell will cover some of the newest features in Photoshop CS4 and some legacy of his favorites, while revealing amazing ways to use them. Special emphasis will be given to content aware scaling, creating seamless panoramas, non-destructive adjustment tools, and new 3D support - and much more. If you want to get up to speed on some of the best new features in CS4, then this class is for you! So, everyone who attends will receive one of Russell's exclusive tips-and-techniques CDs.

Uli Staiger: Professional Assembly
Bildaufbau starts in the head. When you see the message of an image as the chocolate and the building as its box, it becomes clear how dependent is the message of the presentation. Experience how everyday Photos from Uli Staiger build a whole new visual world. He divided the image into its components: the format, the shapes and the color and contrast representation. The experienceability emotional, installing depth and the creation of atmosphere, he explains, masking and clipping of individual objects, adjust color and contrast using masked adjustment layers and the perspective-correct handling of individual picture elements. The theme of light and shadow play a crucial role: by imitating classical techniques of painting as the painting of lights, you select the shadow areas, or the drawing in of aerial perspective, all elements are not only fused, but styled to a realistic, emotionally effective overall picture .

Calvin Hollywood: Tips and Tricks - Color
To find a personal style in digital imaging with Photoshop, color can be very helpful. Casts must always be removed? It may often not even be positive if one adds an image color cast? In this lecture on Calvin Hollywood shows you ways you can enhance your images by visual color manipulation. He also leads in front of you, as you get through some very interesting color variations picture looks. The speaker will not only remove color casts, he created it and will even show you how you can get creative with some Photoshop techniques to image effects that lie outside the mainstream. After this presentation, you will know some techniques on "Farblooks" and can apply them easily to your work.

Uli Staiger: The idea of the picture and the customer
Uli Staiger presents the idealized workflow - from the first vote of the photographic material and data conversion in the raw converter on the creative image composition to the finished, decorated in InDesign product. You do, be aligned as image data across different sources and combined together to form an overall picture. That is because many tips and tricks to use: How can anyone take already in the conversion affect the final result, or why it makes sense to come to use a raw file as a Smart Object. You will also learn how an image looks on different emotional experience makes them looks adapts to a collection of various images and votes as possible the layout of different versions - and why changes to the Agency should not necessarily mean that you have to start from scratch.

Robert Hranitzky: Photoshop and After Effects
Robert Hranitzky, motion graphics designer from Munich, offers insights into his artistic and technical approach to current advertising and design projects. What is the role of Photoshop in the motion picture workflow and how does it integrate? If you already able to work creatively with Photoshop, is the leap that these existing worlds, and share images with After Effects in motion, not great. The integration of Photoshop in the animation workflow and the close interaction with After Effects is part of this lecture. The talk is interesting for those who want to see something outside the box out of Photoshop to see how it is integrated into the workflow in the field of holistic design and motion picture film.

Sven Fischer: Working with channels - creative and productive in unusual ways
Any Photoshop user knows that color digital images are stored in channels. But how to use channels? What alpha channels are good? This paper shows Sven Fischer facilitate, inter alia, techniques, complex clipping paths using channels. He explains what the benefits are, in channels to save selections as well as the use of channels associated with the use of filters. Here, there are sophisticated ways to improve the quality of images - for example, sharpening or noise removal. But for creative applications of alpha-channels play an important role: first in connection with a series of filters, the other in order to achieve visual effects - for example, in "Algorithmic Painting".

Sven Fischer: Non-destructive image - Image optimization in new ways
Non-destructive image editing in Photoshop CS3 is the latest, a new trend, which continues heavily in CS4 and the way how to deal nowadays with digital image data changed. Many users are not even aware of these new opportunities. In this paper aim is to show new ways that will change the workflow in the prepress or so have been to highlight the flexibility in the repro technical and creative context and identify particular future developments. In a modern pre-press environment has prompted a high degree of flexibility. Sven Fischer points to the ways to save when editing digital images a lot of time and nerves and respond to customer needs immediately to be able to.

Thomas Bredenfeld: HDR and fusing with Photoshop and Lightroom
HDR is the topic on everyone's lips, and photos with the special, often typically quaint look are often seen for some time. This look is only one facet of this fascinating technique on here Thomas Bredenfeld a thorough overview. To decide which of the many possible workflows can choose, you'll find examples that work with Photoshop, Bridge, Lightroom and a number of other programs to produce such images. Even with the admission and ensure the necessary equipment, there are a number of conditions to be observed. When sifting and sorting features, you can make in Lightroom, and Bridge CS4 advantage. Crucial to the look is the Tonemapping: For Photoshop and Photomatix will show the speaker the most important parameters. A little known alternative to the usual HDR process is "Image is fusing, which is presented here together with programs that govern it. This will put you in many application purposes, put the date at a HDR workflow, with less effort to better results.

Karsten Rose plug-ins and add filters and programs for Photoshop
Additional filters and plug-ins for Photoshop reputed still grandstanding and dilettantism. But one must keep track of expenses and earnings, and so can add filters and plug-ins recouped very quickly. They can be divided into two broad categories: technical and creative software. The technical field includes the input image, as the correction of the recording system (camera, lens) in raw format. In the field of new creative effects and editing methods of cooperation are possible with Photoshop, as the figures of textures, smoke and much more. Be exhausted does not always have a filter with all its settings to get a perfect result. With a little editing in Photoshop can often yield the best results. In this talk Karsten Rose points to rapid solutions.

* DSL Internet connection
* Current browser with Flash plugin
* Minimum screen resolution of 1024x768
* Sound card, speakers or headphones
* Pentium 4 from 2.6 GHz, or G5
* 512 MB RAM

SUPPLiER.....: Team Substance
CRACKER......: Team Substance
DiSKS........: 1 DVD
PACKAGER.....: Team Substance
TYPE.........: Training
Language: GERMAN

I n s t a l l a t i o n
1) unpack the files
2) burn or mount the image
3) enjoy

Homepage: http://www.video2brain.com/de/products-550.htm

Video2brain - Photoshop Convention 2009 DVD iSO
Video2brain - Photoshop Convention 2009 DVD iSO
Video2brain - Photoshop Convention 2009 DVD iSO

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