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QuadSpinner Tutorials for Vue

QuadSpinner Tutorials for Vue | 765 MB

QuadSpinner - Realistic Procedural Terrains
QuadSpinner Mighty HyperTerrains Vol. 1
QuadSpinner - Capturing the Brilliance of Light

Description: QuadSpinner - Realistic Procedural Terrains:
This easy-to-learn tutorial will show skeptics that you can create stunning terrains in Vue. The spotlight is on the “Terrain Fractal” as introduced in Vue 7. Presenter Dax Pandhi, a recognized Vue master and passionate digital artist, shares some of his favorite methods to create outrageously realistic terrain elements. Dax’s approachable style is easy to follow and will boost your confidence in the technology.
- Learn to use and push the limits of the Terrain Fractal
- Easily conquer the Function Editor
- Mix fractals in unique ways to achieve more detail
- Combine nodes and experiment with the Function Editor
- Surprise yourself by spinning truly grand terrains
- Explore how a single terrain offers you many different scene opportunities
- Produce unlimited terrain variations from one core terrain
- Create dramatic mountains & cliffs
- Create multiple versions of real-life erosion
- Spin terrains with infinite amounts of detail fast

QuadSpinner Mighty HyperTerrains Vol. 1:
One of the most restrictive aspects of 3D terrains has been their confinement to up-down topography. This critical void in digital nature has been filled by Vue master Dax Pandhi. From over 7000 hours of trials in his laboratory, Dax has formulated the fractal modeling technique that produces HyperTerrains.
HyperTerrains allow you to break the typical topographical-only terrain model and create caves, coves, jutting rocks, strong vertical cliffs, and just about any natural rock formation. Not only that, you can stretch, invert, tip, turn and submerge them. And finally, you can of course combine them. This technique will dramatically expand the potential of your scenes.
And now, this trade secret can be yours! In "Mighty HyperTerrains," Dax provides a general understanding and the detailed steps that will help give form to your imagination.
- Shatter the limitations of top-down only topography in 3D terrain design
- Model previously unimaginable rock formations right inside Vue
- Learn how to get started from the inventor himself
- Create alcoves, overhangs, boulders, arches, monuments and even fantastical terrains
- Learn to model breathtaking rock formations using Fractals
- Explore the power of Displacement
- Understand the importance of fractal and material scale in relation to Displacement
- Easily create infinite variations from a single rock formation
- Learn to use the new Bump and Displacement features in Vue 8

QuadSpinner - Capturing the Brilliance of Light:
Atmospheric lighting is the single most critical element in creating a realistic scene in 3D. It is also the most influential and impactful when considering photography, staging and even your own home environment (interiors and landscaping).
“Capturing the Brilliance of Light” is a must-have tutorial. Presenter Dax Pandhi has mastered the technical combinations to create even the most subtle of atmospheres. He continues to probe and challenge Vue’s sophistication to deliver results that can quite literally take your breath away.
This easy-to-follow, concise training video will give you a tangible edge in your work - not only through your compositions, but also in your confidence.
- Fully comprehend the role and potential of Global Radiosity
- Explore vital atmosphere components such as Haze, Fog, Light Decay, and Aerial Perspective
- Learn to easily create dramatic God-rays
- Understand and employ Scattering Anistropy and Cloud Anistropy
- Discover how to use black Haze and intense glows to produce bright sunlit scenes
- Harness the power of reflected light
- Effectively illuminate caves, grottos and other similar environments
- Learn to correctly control the colors of the sky
- Create hyper-realistic renders

QuadSpinner - Desert Sunset:
This was one of rough "draft" videos, done before the "production" videos for the QuadSpinner learning video series (it's not available now).




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