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 Video2Brain CINEMA-Special: Architektur-Compositing Professionelle 2D/3D Bildkompositionen

Video2Brain CINEMA-Special: Architektur-Compositing Professionelle 2D/3D Bildkompositionen | 753MB

Arndt von Koenigsmarck guides you through the basics of compositing architecture to more complex projects. Benefit from his extensive experience as a provider of 3D visualization and trainer.

It starts with insights into the relevant functions for compositions within CINEMA 4D, and then deals in detail with possible methods of integration in perspective correct 3D models in 2D environments. In the photo to match plug-in is used to solve with the help of such tasks faster and more precise, and much more!

From the contents:

Basics of compositing
The introductory chapter explains the basic techniques of 3D compositing. You get an overview of the available tools in CINEMA 4D, so that even CINEMA 4D users to follow easily with little practice the next chapters.

Photo Match
Whenever you throw buildings in the vicinity of both shade than to show themselves in reflections, you will need at least basic 3D geometries as a placeholder. This chapter shows how you can do that.

Finished Models integrate
A standard task when compositing in the architectural field is the integration of existing 3D models in photographs. This chapter shows how to do this task with the Photo Match plug quickly and perfectly.

* DSL Internet connection
* Current browser with Flash plugin
* Minimum screen resolution of 1024x768
* Sound card, speakers or headphones
* Pentium 4 from 2.6 GHz, or G5
* 512 MB RAM

SUPPLiER.....: Team Substance
CRACKER......: Team Substance
PACKAGER.....: Team Substance
TYPE.........: Training
Language: GERMAN

I n s t a l l a t i o n
1) unpack the files
2) burn or mount the image
3) enjoy another fine Substance-release!

Homepage: http://www.video2brain.com/de/products-518.htm

video2brain cinema special architektur compositing professionelle 2d 3d bildkompositionen

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