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Autodesk Lustre 2010 English. + In the complete training video course from Autodesk

Autodesk Lustre 2010 English. +In the complete training video course from Autodesk
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The new version of the system for digital color correction. With Lustre can be styled video, change the time of the day, during which the action takes place, to maintain continuity of personnel. The system can be used in conjunction with programs for video editing and special effects Autodesk Smoke and Autodesk Flame - projects created in these programs can be refined using Lustre, and, conversely, it does not use or export files, or videotape. Data transmission occurs through the access protocol client-server Autodesk Wiretap.

Content on 18.03.2010:
* Autodesk Lustre 2010 English
* Training video course Autodesk Lustre 2009 from Autodesk.

Updated on 18.03.2010:
* Added a training videokurs Autodesk Lustre 2009 from Autodesk.

1) Autodesk Lustre 2010 English:

Primary and secondary color correction
Change the primary color scale before or after secondary correction. Create up to 12 secondary layers based on the shapes and characters with independent internal and external settings.

Sketch forms and geometric elements
A finite system of creative forms allows you to create accurate images using animated sketch shapes and geometric elements.

System hierarchy forms
Simplify the animation of various forms with strong hierarchical system.

Improved G-mask
Create a variable softness around shapes to confuse the original color or simulate natural shading.

Multi-point and field-based monitoring
Quick and accurate search form allows you to revitalize and stabilize the image.

Isolate the individual areas of color and lightness using a powerful tool for switching modes color HLS.

Pan and analysis
This feature allows you to align the track, and manage the different formats.

Exact noise reduction
The tool automatically clean the image from the noise, including the use of infrared scanning data provides an opportunity to identify and quickly remove debris and defects of the image.

Non-linear color correction based on the individual frames
Go to the frame to frame in order to see any frame in the timeline or the framebuffer. Aggregates and move the frames before and after correction. Easily view multiple images having them side by side, for example, the first and last frame in sequence or in different contexts. Apply the correction to the many non-consecutive frames simultaneously. Nonlinear process of digital processing of Lustre will give you all the benefits of workflow based on data and not need to replace or video clips to find a specific frame.

Artists can now easily adjust the left and right images, view and sort of to easily create three-dimensional color images. Lustre proposes to use the full line of tools for editing stereo.

Editing and correction time
Timeline Lustre allows you to edit, modify and align the image with the help of a powerful industrial tool set

Integrated processing in real time
Technology Autodesk ® Incinerator ® is a large-scale high-performance cluster, which accelerates the process of digital color correction and provides the possibility of interactive work in real time, even requiring the most attention sessions.

Expedited processing GPU
Technology GPU GPU provides broadband capabilities and cost-effective processing, which allows Lustre to play in real-time opportunities for primary and secondary color correction on a set of secondary layers.

Formatting video components in real time
In addition to the use of GPU technologies for correction in real time, on Lustre also uses the advantages of this technology for converting video formats without rendering. You can create different formats of video components, complemented by opportunities for animated repositioning and scaling, the primary color correction tables, and even 3D transformations in real time, beginning with HD and 2K material

Rendering spatial video
Lustre program supports the process of constructing images based on the fields and can be used for the correction of alternating video using animated forms of rotation, moving and resizing. You can display an image of each field separately without the need rasperemezheniya. Lustre is ideal for the progressive framing material and for the alternation of spatial material

Audio input / output and playback
Lustre offers 8-channel data collection and playback of audio on VCR and playback, integration in Lustre. Artists that handle video content, can combine video signals with audio signals at the time of digitization of the image. Synchronized playback of video / audio can improve the results of correction in the presence of the client.

Workflow One-Click Proxy
Workflow Proxy Lustre program was designed specifically to improve system performance and reduce the requirements for interim storage of files to a network transmission by providing the possibility of using images with half the resolution. Of course, you can work with images in full resolution. You can freely choose the work option that fits your needs best.

Intuitive project management
Project management and users - is a centralized way to configure and manage projects. Now the artist can register under a special user ID, without any problems and find your project and set the custom settings in the graphical user interface (GUI). All projects and user profiles are managed from a single source in a graphical user interface without any complicated settings.

Moving color space
Work in the scale of color, which you prefer and with the tools you understand. Lustre supports both logical and linear color correction. If you are in the movie is the background, color printing and logical controls will be more comfortable with you. If you have a relationship to the world of video production, you may prefer to use set of tools for linear color correction

Strong joint working groups
Collaboration between many users is simplified through the use of integrated notes, as well as the system marks, which makes it possible to monitor the process of working on a project using the signals that are configured for your workflow.

You see something that will get
Tables of correspondences for 3D color management extend standardization between the various color displays through a realistic representation of images in the form in which it will be displayed on each individual output device such as a digital projector or LCD monitor screen. For example you are using a table of correspondences, which is suitable for the storage device and get an accurate representation of how the image will appear on the screen or in printed form.

2) Training videokurs Autodesk Lustre 2009 from Autodesk:

1. Introduction
2. Creating_Project_User
3. Preparing_Grading_Session
4. Quick_Start
5. Navigation
6. Lustre_Grading_Toolset
7. Grading_Workflow
8. Primary_Grading
9. Grade_Bin
10. Multiple_Views
11. Groups
12. Curves
13. Copying_With_Selector
14. Secondaries
15. Basic_Shapes
16. Bezier_Shapes
17. Working_With_Shapes
18. Copying_Secondaries
19. Shape_Tracker
20. Point_Tracker
21. Stabilizer
22. Keyer
23. Animation
24. Rendering
25. Lustre_GS_Credits
26. NumPad_Functions
27. Workflow

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