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CycoreFX HD v1.6.5 for After Effects

CycoreFX HD v1.6.5 for After Effects | 5.91 MB

CycoreFX HD is the extended version of the CycoreFX package featuring an impressive total of 73 professional plug-ins for Adobe After Effects 5.5 or later. The HD package features improved versions and 12 additional plug-ins not included in the standard version. Also included are 15 plug-ins that now also supports 32 bpc (float). The effects range from blurs and color adjustments through distortions and particle generators to lighting and transitions, making it one of the most complete plug-in packages available.

The particle effects allows for the creation of anything from rain, snow, explosions and sparkling fountains to massive smoke screens and liquid mercury streams. Particle World, with built-in After Effects camera support, enables you to create animations that fly directly through the animated particles.

Other effects let you create blobby and glossy cut-outs, vortex distortions, warping effects, page turns and stunning light bursts in your compositions. Turn any source into an array of rotating and twisting balls, a kaleidoscope, a ripple wave or a sphere. Add motion blur to other effects and use blobby particles to create the illusion of writing with a glue gun, to name a few examples.

Using 16 bpc (trillions of colors) and 32 bpc (float) allows for higher precision when doing compositing and effects work. Higher precision can be of benefit even if your input and output is 8-bit color per channel SDTV (PAL or NTSC), using more information to perform color transformations and calculating effects allows to keep more detail and cause less harm to your footage. This results in a more accurate representation of your original footage and improves quality of your output.

Feature Overview
- 16 bpc support: All plug-ins.
- 32 bpc support: Cross Blur, Color Neutralizer, Kernel. Toner, Power Pin, Threads, Environment, Rainfall, Snowfall, Block Load. Threshold, Threshold RGB, Jaws, Line Sweep, Overbrights.
- AE Camera support: Particle World, Ball Action, Cylinder, Environment.
- AE Lights support: Blobbylize, Drizzle, Glass, Glue Gun, Mr. Mercury, Plastic.
- Native Motion Blur support: Bubbles, Environment. Force MB, Image Wipe, Kaleida, Light Rays, Line Sweep, Particle Systems II, Particle World, PowerPin, Rain, Rainfall, Scatterize, Snow, Snowfall, Wide Time.

Host apps: Adobe After Effects CS4, CS3, 7.0, 6.5, 6.0, 5.5.

What's new in CycoreFX HD 1.6.5 (Improvements and bug fixes since version

• 2 new filters
- Rainfall
- Snowfall
• 32 bpc (float) support
- Cross Blur
- Color Neutralizer
- Rainfall
- Snowfall
- Block Load
- Jaws
Plug-in specific:
• Page Turn:
- Resizes layer to always fit.
• Sphere:
- Improved seam sampling.
• Time Blend & Time Blend FX:
- Added options for classic Blend and Composite modes.
• Toner:
- Added options for duotone and pentone mappings.
• Particle World:
- Added option to align textured discs to motionpath.
• PowerPin:
- Added Comp Ul controls.
• Radial Blur:
- Added Rotate Fading option.

CycoreFX HD v1.6.5 for After Effects | 5.91 MB

after effects glue gun

after effects glue gun

CycoreFX HD v1 6 5 for After Effects

cycorefx 1 6 5 cs4
CycoreFX HD

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