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Red Giant Primatte Keyer Pro v4.0 for AE and AVX

Red Giant Primatte Keyer Pro v4.0 for AE and AVX | 9.25 MB

Вышла четвертая версия плагина Primatte Keyer для After Effects, Avid, Final Cut Pro и Premiere Pro. Плагин предназначен для отделения объектов от фона на видео. Дополнение справляется даже с такими сложными объектами, как вода, дым и волосы, а также с едва различимыми тенями, арт - фотоефактами на видео и неровным освещением. С его помощью можно также автоматически подстроить цвета на вырезанном фрагменте с новым окружением. Primatte Keyer 4 работает непосредственно на временной шкале. Четвертая версия плагина поддерживает Adobe CS3, работает в три раза быстрее, чем предыдущая, а также содержит средства для автоматической настройки.
Цена: $499

Upgrade includes
Now supports Avid, After Effects CS3, and Final Cut Pro
New Auto Setup generates a perfect key in seconds
Version 4 offers a 3x speed increase over previous versions

...Primatte Keyer deals effectively with difficult-to-manage areas like semi-transparent glass and hair and the plug-in has a straightforward interface with simple controls... Mark Bennett, Mac User

...we just finished a broadcast project that was shot in DV using Chromaflex and we love the use of the Color Matcher and Lightwrap... But to be able to key out DV so well is quite amazing. It beats Keylight for really crunchy edges and for the level of control you can get. I?d recommend it and give it 10/10! Ross Webb, Chromakey Specialist

Primatte is one of the finest keyers I have ever used. It is ridiculously easy to use, yet has all of the advanced features you would expect from a high-end keyer. With literally one swipe of the mouse, 90% of your key is done. It is the only keyer that has ever allowed me to pull off a good key with DV footage. Bill Wadsworth, Executive Creative Director Mind Over Eye


Primatte Keyer is a professional greenscreen tool that extracts keys from any color background quickly and easily. Version 4 brings new levels of power and speed to After Effects and Avid, and for the first time, Final Cut Pro. New features include easy-to-use Auto setup, which creates an almost-perfect key with one click. Powerful features allow Primatte Keyer to overcome keying challenges such as uneven lighting, compression artifacts, subtle shadows, and edge light contamination. Best of all, Primatte Keyer 4 works right on the timeline.
Simple user interface for generating mattes.
Shoot on consumer video formats and deliver high-quality keys
Easily extracts transparent objects such as water, smoke, and hair.
Deartifacting input correction for all formats including DV and HDV
Place people, products, or cinematic elements onto any background
Automatically adjust a clip's color to match the composite environment by blending its tonal and exposure ranges.
Integrated secondary spill removal, simple and accurate Color Matching, and Light wrap built in to the keying interface

Red Giant Primatte Keyer Pro v4.0 for AE and AVX | 9.25 MB

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