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VRay Advanced 1.5 SP4 for 3ds Max 2009/2010 x86/x64

Среди современных рендеров VRay программа является наиболее популярной. Далеко не преувеличивая можно сказать, что VRay более популярен среди остальных рендеров.
V-Ray в одностороннем порядке изменил облик архитектурной визуализации. Neoscape использует его в производстве с самого первого выпуска, и мы по-прежнему используем его во всех наших
работах. Он вобрал в себя надежные функции, сохраняя при этом быстроту и простоту использования в проектах.

Among modern rendering VRay programs are most popular. Far from exaggerating to say that VRay is popular as much as all the other renderers - mental ray, finalRender and brasil r / s together. This fact is all the more surprising and remarkable that the algorithm and the core programs were developed only a few people. The popularity of this program is most compelling reasons. First, VRay used in the calculation of advanced computational methods - it is based solely and completely on the basis of the Monte Carlo. In this respect, perhaps, VRay can be used as a demonstration program for the Monte Carlo method. But besides that, VRay has a number of interesting innovative technology solutions, providing him an additional advantage in the quality and speed of calculations.

V-Ray has single-handedly changed the face of Architectural Visualization. Neoscape has been using it in production since its very first release, and we continue to use it in all of our work. It is full of relevant and robust features, while remaining speedy and easy to use. I can not imagine working without it.

V-Ray is a remarkable engine for advanced visualization in architectural and design projects, and we are extremely happy to offer the rendering service with the best price / performance ratio to V-Ray users ", said Julien de Souza, PR Manager at RANCH.
It includes the following modified features:
• Added support for projection mapping when doing texture baking;
• Added new option to link the V-Ray VFB to PDPlayer;

And several bug fixes:
• Turning off "Affect specular" for a dome light made it invisible to reflections as well;
• Fixed a crash when importing a particular. Vrmesh file;
• Fixed crash with VRayFastSSS2 material with VRayDirt map and a standard light with VRayShadowMap;
• The "prepass samples" option in the motion blur rollout did not work;
• Fixed stuck buckets with VRayEnvironmentFog and mesh gizmos;
• Fixed issues with VRayEnvironmentFog and mesh gizmos with modifiers;
• User could not remove gizmos / lights from VRayEnvironmentFog;
• ParticleFlow instancing did not render all mapping channels of original mesh;
• Fixed crash with VFB region render when region is outside of image;
• Turned off by default the option to save the DR servers to the scene (caused slowdown on scene save if servers are offline);

VRay Advanced 1.5 SP4 for 3ds Max 2009/2010 (x86/x64) | 139 MB

Vray 1 5 sp4

Vray 1 5 SP4 3ds max 2010

VRay 1 5 SP4 3ds Max 2009

VRay 1 5 SP4 3ds Max 2009
VRay 1 5 SP4

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