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Инструмент для создания реалистичной геометрии объектов - CEBAS VolumeBreaker v1.0 SP2 32/64 bit for 3ds Max 2011

VolumeBreaker является объемной геометрии пласта инструмент, который будет мгновенно создавать суб-геометрии в любой сети - геометрии, который заполняет любой объем. С VolumeBreaker Cebas приносит инструмент уничтожения Голливуд качества для 3ds MAX.
VolumeBreaker is a volumetric geometry fracturing tool that will instantly create sub-geometry within any mesh - geometry that perfectly fits together and fills any given volume. With volumeBreaker Cebas brings a Hollywood quality destruction tool to 3ds MAX. volumeBreaker was developed in consultation with, and to meet the very exacting demands of, VFX artists working on multi-million dollar movies - because of this, volumeBreaker truly is a production proven tool.

* Movie quality destruction tool
* Hollywood production proven
* 100% Multi-threaded - Peak performance tool
* Production pipeline independent (any physics and particle engine supported)
* True, unconstrained mesh volume handling
* Native support for polygon and tri-meshes
* Generates highly optimzed, clean meshes
* True volumetric 3D breaking of virtually any 3D object
* NOT restricted to 2D planes or surfaces
* Fully automatic procedural breaking
* Works on 2D surfaces as well
* Full 64-bit support (3ds Max 64-bit)
* Advanced 3D breaking with full artistic control
* Comes with full blown ScalpelMAX functionality

Service Pack 2:

This latest release includes all of the enhancements found in previous Service Packs. Service Pack 2 offers more stability and an enhanced Explicit Surface Normal method, which literally "burns" the original face normals, right into the "broken" outer shell faces. Applying volumeBreaker to any mesh will no longer create broken smoothing on the outer shell surface. Considerable amount of research and development was accomplished to ensure the best possible compatibility with 3ds Max's specific tools; as not every 3ds Max mesh editing tool is able to properly handle explicit surface normals. Many tools in 3ds Max are not able to handle surface normals properly. This new feature introduced in volumeBreaker SP2 is a big step forward, allowing the user to create easier and more life like demolition effects.

volumeBreaker literally tears down the barrier of maintaining a coding department within a small effects studio - it's destruction for everyone !
How to get Service Pack 2

volumeBreaker SP2 is offered as a free download to every registered customer. Current users of volumeBreaker should Login to this Web-portal and obtain the latest SP2 Service Pack from their "View Product Registrations," my.cebas.com account menu. Properly registered users will automatically see all of their available download options.

If users have not directly registered on this Web-portal, or do not see their SP2 download, they may contact us through the Contact menu option on this Web-portal and supply their relevant data (serial numbers).

Receive your own full copy right now - download it directly from this webpage and check-out our online store.

Название: CEBAS VolumeBreaker v1.0 SP2 32/64 bit for 3ds Max 2011
Платформа: Win all
Категория: Плагин | 3D Max
Размер: 12Mb

CEBAS VolumeBreaker v1.0 SP2 32/64 bit for 3ds Max 2011 | 12Mb

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