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Video2Brain Neu In Adobe After Effects CS5 GERMAN

Video2Brain Neu In Adobe After Effects CS5 GERMAN | 505MB
Genre: eLearning

After Effects is the professional video production is not indispensable and the version of CS5 comes up with new tools and many improvements. The new Rotobrush example, facilitates enormously tedious rotoscoping tasks and makes it difficult to crop clips a breeze. In this video training you will learn all about the new features, performance improvements, new or improved filters and effects and are now up-to-date!

For over 10 years developing video tutorial Motion Design and worked as Creative Suite trainer and consultant. He knows what users want to know and explains all the new features and what they bring every day for your work. Before familiarizing himself laboriously in After Effects CS5, just do with here and are productive from day one!

From the contents:

User interface
In this first chapter provides video tutorial, make the changes the user interface of After Effects CS5 and what new navigation and editing capabilities to offer you. See also how to enable the 64-bit support.

Look in this chapter how you make certain composition settings in After Effects CS5 how best to use the auto-keyframe feature or enable the 3D view names, make changes in the camera reference point, align the view to levels and change the camera type.

Dealing with text in all variations is the subject of this chapter. See also how you use as the anchor points.

In this extensive chapter you will learn how to apply a whole series of new effects. Also see how the work succeeds with Color Finesse or motion tracking, what it has with the AVC-Intra and RED R3D format support up and much more!

* DSL Internet connection
* Current browser with Flash plugin
* Minimum screen resolution 1024x768
* Sound card, speakers or headphones
* Pentium 4 2.6 GHz or G5
* 512 MB RAM

SUPPLiER.....: Team Substance
RELEASEDATE..: April 2010
CRACKER......: Team Substance
DiSKS........: 1 CD
PACKAGER.....: Team Substance
TYPE.........: Traning

I n s t a l l a t i o n
1) unpack the files
2) burn or mount the image
3) enjoy another fine Substancerelease!

Homepage: http://www.video2brain.com/de/products-570.htm

Video2Brain Neu In Adobe After Effects CS5 GERMAN | 505MB

neu blue for after effects

mail video2brain com loc RU

mail video2brain com loc RU

adobe after effects cs5 crfxfnm
adobe after effects cs5 crfxfnm

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