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DOSCH 3D - Fantasy Objects

DOSCH 3D - Fantasy Objects

DOSCH 3D - Fantasy Objects

DOSCH 3D - Fantasy Objects

DOSCH 3D - Fantasy Objects | 581Mb

If you are one of those people who love fantasy stories & movies with a medieval theme then you will find just the right tools in Dosch Design's products in order to create your own computer animated fantasy film.

Whether it is moving sequences, stills, comics, flash-animation or Internet film - you are your own director. Create new worlds and tell new stories as a leisure activity just for fun, or for commercial use.
All objects can be modified to your heart's desire. For some, like the magic mirror or the treasure chest even an animation might be desired... like for a talkin mirror.

Using the medieval objects contained in this product increases story-line potential, realism and believability.
The Fantasy Objects product contains forty very detailed 3D-objects of everything from different weapon types to coins. Without these objects the characters are “empty-handed”. With these objects the story line unfolds with the desired detail and nuances.

The 3D-models are provided in the widely used formats 3DS, OBJ, LWO(Lightwave Ver. 6 or up)and C4D(Cinema4D). They can therefore be used in most 3D-applications.

This product is compatible with:

* 3ds max
* Carrara 3 – 5
* Cinema4D(V5.2 and above)
* Cinema4D(V7 and above)
* Cinema4D(V8 and above)
* Electric Image
* FormZ
* LightWave3D(V6-V9)
* Maya
* Poser 4 – 6
* Realsoft 3D
* SolidThinking
* Strata3D CX
* TrueSpace(Caligari)

DOSCH 3D Medical Details

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