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The Gnomon Workshop - After Effects Tutorials - Essential Techniques with Ergin Kuke

[center]The Gnomon Workshop - After Effects Tutorials - Essential Techniques with Ergin Kuke
English | 1280x800 | AAC, 44,1 KHz, 2 channels | 15.000 fps | 8.23 GB
Genre: eLearning

This release contains all the video lessons on a series of After Effects Tutorials that are far from the author Ergin Kuke.Ergin is creative director and co-founder of Angst VFX, an up and coming visual effects company in Los Angeles, CA.Ergin moved to Los Angeles from Albania in 2001 to be part of the Gnomon Certificate program. After finishing studies there, he has been a Lighting TD and Compositor at Sony Imageworks, Rhythm & Hues working on Polar Express, Zathura, Superman, Narnia, Beowulf etc. As a freelance artist in commercial boutiques, Ergin has worked at Digital Kitchen, Stardust, Engine Room, Brand New School, Superfad etc doing lighting and compositing on many commercial and music video projects. He has also developed concert visuals for Korn, Bon Jovi, 50 Cent, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Paul Oakenfold and more.

Manufacturer: The Gnomon Workshop
Language: English
Author: Ergin Kuke

Introduction to After Effects:
The Basics Part 1:
Ergin reviews interface basics, frame rates, resolution, bit depth, basic keyframing, timeline vs. node-based compositors, aspect ratio and more.
Duration: 69 minutes

The Basics Part 2:
Ergin continues his introduction and delves deeper into After Effects with an explanation of blending modes, filters, basic masking, adjustment layers and more.
Duration: 31 minutes

Ergin explains the rendering process in-depth and shows examples of common render settings.
Duration: 30 minutes

Track Mattes:
An introduction to using alpha channels and track mattes.
Duration: 13 minutes

An in-depth look at keyframing in After Effects.
Duration: 39 minutes

All you need to know about After Effects editing and shortcuts.
Duration: 5 minutes

Masking and Reflections:
In this tutorial Ergin uses masking, track mattes and fake reflections to create a unique television experience.
Duration: 8 minutes

This tutorial covers the basics of rotoscoping in After Effects.
Duration: 11 minutes

Time Stretch Remapping:
Time Remapping is the process of manipulating video and effects in your timeline in order to create dynamic compositions.
Duration: 14 minutes

Intermediate After Effects Tutorials:
Title Screen "Beelzebub" Animation:
Capture the movement of your mouse to animate flies in this title screen tutorial.
Duration: 26 minutes

Shapes Animation:
In this project-based tutorial, Ergin gives examples of how to use shapes in After Effects and animate them with distortion and echo to create an underwater environment.
Duration: 36 minutes

Introduction to Tracking:
In this extensive four part introduction to tracking in After Effects, Ergin thoroughly demos the tracking process including using position, rotation, scale tracking, and stabilizing in a 2d track, corner point tracking, adding video to a blank monitor.
Duration: 48 minutes

Compositing Render Passes:
This tutorial contains both an overview of compositing 3D render passes with lighting theory and material properties, as well as a real world project using RGB mattes, ambient occlusion and color correction.
Duration: 36 minutes

Warp Drive:
Learn to animate a simple, stylized warp drive effect with only three layers using distortion, camera shake, and color correction.
Duration: 47 minutes

Space Environment:
Create planets and an animated outerspace environment completely in 2D.
Duration: 38 minutes

Ergin demonstrates how to use sound to drive animation in After Effects with several examples.
Duration: 51 minutes

In this three part tutorial, Ergin takes an in-depth look at the keying tools in After Effects. Examples include green and blue screens and theory.
Length: 90 minutes

Using 3D - Part 1, Horse head:
This Intro to 3D in After Effects tutorial covers cameras, lights, material properties, animation.
Duration: 24 minutes

Using 3D - Part 2, Whiskey Bottle:
This Intro to 3D in After Effects tutorial continues with camera depth of field, more animation and 3d layers.
Duration: 37 minutes

Advanced After Effects Projects:
Stylized Cloud Animation:
In this tutorial Ergin uses a lightning filter and color-correction to create stormy clouds and then composites those clouds to appear outside the window of an airplane
Duration: 56 minutes

Using 3D -Turning a Still Image into 3D:
This tutorial covers how to give a 3D effect to a still image.
Duration: 55 minutes

"Regressive" Commercial:
This project-based tutorial spins a Progressive commercial to create a real world spoof.
Duration: 31 minutes

Blood Effects:
Learn blood effects for title sequences in this project-based tutorial while recreating part of a Dragon Age commercial.
Duration: 41 minutes

"Strom-Chasers" Opening Title:
Recreate part of Storm Chasers' opening titles using particles and animation.
Duration: 69 minutes

Celestial Impact:
Mars gets hit in this tutorial complete with monolith from 2001 Space Odyssey all in 2D.
Duration: 66 minutes

"Giants" Composite:
In this three part, project-based tutorial, Ergin shows how to create giant characters walking through New York City.
Duration: 179 minutes

Video: AVC, 1280x800(16:9)at 15.000 fps
Audio: AAC, 44,1 KHz, 2 channels


PASS: by Asmodeus


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The Gnomon Workshop After Effects Tutorials Essential Techniques with Ergin Kuke

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