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DOSCH Viz-Images: Bird's Eye - Trees

[center]DOSCH Viz-Images: Bird's Eye - Trees | 1.66Gb

Effective architectural visualization(commercial or residential objects)needs additional elements which help to demonstrate relevant dimensions and proportions, and which "add life" to the design. For outside scenes trees & plants are particularly suited to accomplish this.

Instead of using 3D-models which require extensive computing resources, Viz-Images: Bird's Eye - Trees is an effective way for adding 170 trees in bird's eye view.

The clip-maps of rendered trees are perfect "cut-outs", i.e. blend into their respective background and surrounding beautifully and naturally - they become part of the overall scene and don't look artificial or super-imposed.

Alpha-Channel included
Each picture comes with the matching alpha-channel, which allows for the quick and straightforward use in most CAD-, 3D-design and image processing software programs.

For each tree, an additional shadow layer is provided.


As usual with Dosch Design products all Dosch VizImages are license-free, and can therefore be used in commercial pictures & designs at no extra charge.

All images are available in the widespread, uncompressed TIF and the Photoshop PSD-formats.


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Скачать | Download | fileserve.com Архив 2

Скачать | Download | fileserve.com Архив 3

Скачать | Download | fileserve.com Архив 4

Скачать | Download | fileserve.com Архив 5

Скачать | Download | fileserve.com Архив 6

Скачать | Download | fileserve.com Архив 7

Скачать | Download | fileserve.com Архив 8

Скачать | Download | fileserve.com Архив 9

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DOSCH Viz Images Birds Eye People RePost

Dosch Design Viz Images Plants on transparent background

Dosch Design Viz Images Plants on transparent background

Dosch Design Viz Images Plants on transparent background
Dosch Design Viz Images Plants on transparent background

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