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[center]The.Gnomon.Workshop.-Visual.Development.with.Marc.Gabbana.Volume.One | ISO | 2.67 GB

In this series, Marc Gabbana walks you through his process as he creates the TribalBot, a forest dwelling robotic vehicle. In this first volume, he begins with 2D orthographic and perspective drawings and walks you through his artistic process, as he develops them into more realized and finished images. Working with traditional medium such as pencil, pen and marker, he shows you how he bring his ideas to life. He covers some shading and perspective concepts, steps which are necessary to make the work appear more realistic. Marc combines his passions for drawing, perspective and industrial design and stresses exploration of shapes and forms to create never before seen walking vehicles of all sorts. The final image is a fully detailed pen drawing of the TribalBot.

"I met Marc the first time when my partner, Roger Servick and I were invited to Skywalker ranch for brunch. Marc was part of the amazing group who had just finished work on George Lucas' Episode Two. Looking at Marc's drawing skill, his technique and his enthusiasm for design and image creation I had no doubt he would continue on an ascending professional career. He stopped by our house in Hollywood on his way back to his then residence in Windsor, Ontario, Canada where I had more time to appreciate his creative skill. Now, years later I have the enjoyable opportunity to again reiterate my original assessment of his creative expertise, Marc has an ongoing bright future as a premiere creative talent. I wish him only the best and look forward to many years of enjoying his work. "

- Syd Mead
Pasadena California


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