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Cinema 4D, Maya, Boujou, PFTrack and Fusion 3D Compositing

Cinema 4D, Maya, Boujou, PFTrack and Fusion 3D Compositing
1280x720 | 3 hrs | 3.05 GB | MP4
Genre: eLearning

Lately there has been great debate amongst 3d match moving artists. Boujou or PFTrack? Well, decide for yourselves! We show you how to use both! In this part of the video, we track the footage created by our renderings to compare the actual camera animation from Cinema 4D AND the data extracted from PFTrack. We'll use the ground as the origin plane and save this data in varied formats, so that we can created 3d rain elements in maya to match the footage! - Keywords: Eyeon Fusion, Fusion 5.3, cmiVFX, Fusion Generation

We continue on this 3d tracking adventure with Boujou. We show you how to change the plane of orientation to make the top of the skyscraper the ground plane. We export this data out so that we can match move a 3D billboard inside of maya to match up in Fusion! Learn how to track and export the data you will need at your production facility! Compare the two trackers and decide what best fits your needs.

Matchmove Completion In Maya
Before we get to Fusion, we'll make a 3d billboard in Maya and match move it to the city background plate using the tracked data from Boujou. Learn how to create render layer passes in Maya so you can a lot of freedom in your 3d composite within Fusion. Create Color Passes, And Shadow Passes while adding a shadow catcher for the top of the main building.

Maya Rain Matchmove
We take the PFTrack 3d data, and use it to guide and line up our 3d particle rain inside of Maya's dynamic module. Learn how to quickly generate a simple rain effect for our 3d composite within Fusion.

Using the 3D Track data in Fusion
Well, we tracked all the data in Boujou and PFTrack. Use this method to cut out the middle phase of rendering. Create your own billboard and match it in 3d right inside of Fusion. Just import your 3d point cloud and camera data directly into the Fusion Multiplane Node.

We discuss the footage created from our 3D compositing Photoshop video and how to break it down within the Fusion interface. Import the data as grouped layers from a single Photoshop Document. Create 3D parallax with the footage from the previous step. Learn to go from 2d to 3d and make it believable. Learn about 3D camera animations in both X and Z while comparing the results.

Planet Scene
Well, you spent all that time creating your own star field and planets. Lets use them to create a "Distant Star Pan Style Shot". Use the existing materials from the first video to create a 3D flyby within Fusion. These 3D techniques add lots of power to your shot. Define distance and parallax with simple moves and layering orders. (Footage Included)

3D Room
This is where I dive right into the 3d environment, and treat it like Maya or XSI. I'll show you how to construct a 3D room with primitives and materials to drive the final shot. After I show you how to build the 3d room with the proper networks of merges and data, I assemble an actual shot for a movie style commercial. I also explain the difference between OpenGL rendering and Software Render, PLUS how to manage you shadow maps for getting the best in Fusion 5 AND MUCH MORE...

пароль/password: cgstuff.net

Cinema 4D, Maya, Boujou, PFTrack and Fusion 3D Compositing

3 2012

3 2012



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