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Using Flash Templates to Build Websites

Using Flash Templates to Build Websites
Video Codec: Flash | English | 912x688 | FLV | 1 Gb

Descriptions: Video course "Using the Flash-template for the construction site will help you make your own flash-site from a template Template Monster.
Detailed Video Descriptions:
1 - Introduction (Running Time - 5:21)
2 - The Template (Running Time - 8:13)
In this video, Craig walks you through the template that he’ll be using for the rest of the series, and he’ll give you an overview of the kinds of things that can be customized.
3 - The fla File (Running Time - 13:13)
In order to customize a template, you must first figure out how the fla file is constructed. In this video, Craig prepares to customize the template by weeding through the fla to find all the working parts.
4 - Cleaning Up the fla File (Running Time - 18:17)
One thing you’ll quickly learn about working with templates is that they can often be very messy and difficult to sort through. Because of this, it can often be beneficial to clean up the file a little bit before getting started with customization. In this video, Craig will show you some typical template messes and provide suggestions for cleaning up your files.
5 - Customizing Text (Running Time - 22:09)
Customizing the text in your Flash templates is probably the easiest part of the customization process. After all, it mostly involves simply editing static text fields. However, sometimes it can be a little tricky, so in this video, Craig will walk you through the customization of some of the text in our example template.
6 - Replacing Images (Running Time - 15:17)
In this video, Craig will show you how to remove the images that ship with the template and replace them with images that are more relevant to your website.
7 - Editing Menu Text (Running Time - 11:05)
We’ve already talked about customizing text, but sometimes figuring out how to edit the text in your menus can be a little tricky, depending on the way your particular template is assembled. In this video, Craig weeds through Movie Clips and other symbols in order to find out exactly how the menu text works so that it can be changed.
8 - Editing Menu Items (Running Time - 7:24)
No, we’re not repeating ourselves. In the last video, we looked at how to edit the text in your menu, but what if you wanted to change the number of menu items that were available. In this video, Craig will show you how to edit your menu by completely removing one of the menu items.
9 - Removing a Nuisance (Running Time - 7:07)
In this video, Craig weeds through some of the code in the Flash template in order to find a “trace()” statement that has been causing an annoying output window to pop up every time we test the movie.
10 - Replacing the Logo (Running Time - 12:40)
Naturally, if you’re customizing a template for your website, you’ll probably want to change the logo that’s supplied with the template, especially if the logo contains text in it. In this video, Craig will show you 2 ways to alter a logo: by changing the text and by replacing the text with an image.
11 - Editing Links (Running Time - 12:45)
Some of the buttons in our template don’t actually link to anything, and even if they did, we would most likely want to change the destination, so in this video, Craig will walk you through the process of changing and customizing links and button behavior.
12 - Customizing the Photo Gallery (Running Time - 19:38)
Customizing a photo gallery can be a little more complicated than just switching out an image, as we talked about in an earlier video. In this lesson, Craig drills down to the photo gallery of the project template and shows you how to create your own images for it.
13 - Examining the Preloader (Running Time - 12:19)
The next thing we’re going to customize is the preloader, but first we need to figure out how it works. In this video, Craig explorers the graphics and the code for the preloader to show you how this particular preloader functions.
14 - Changing Preloader Text (Running Time - 7:45)
In this video, Craig will show you how to customize our template’s preloader by changing the text within it.
15 - Customized Preloader Animation (Running Time - 14:10)
In this video, Craig will show you how to take the skeleton of the preloader that’s already been created and make from it a much fancier preloader for your customized website.
16 - Changing the Background Music (Running Time - 8:23)
In this video, Craig will show you how to change the background music of your template by importing your own music or by removing the background music altogether.
17 - Publishing Your Site (Running Time - 6:43)
In order to test the Contact Form in our template (which we’ll get to in the next video), we’ll first need to publish our site to our web server. So in this video, Craig will show you which files you need to publish.
18 - The Contact Form (Running Time - 10:14)
Making the contact form work in our project template is very simple. It involves changing one simple line of code. In this video, Craig will show you how to make it work.
19 - Conclusion (Running Time - 1:34)

Using Flash Templates to Build Websites

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