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Lighting in Layers DVD 1 (by David Hobby)

Lighting in Layers DVD 1 (by David Hobby)

English | 720x480 | MPEG2 | 29.97 fps 4529 kbps | AC3 192 kbps | 3.48 Gb

Photographer David Hobby of Strobist.com follows up his Lighting Seminar DVD Set (May 2008) with Lighting in Layers, a series of real-world, behind-the-scenes assignments lit entirely with small flashes.

The 7-DVD, 9-hour boxed set includes six extended, detailed location shoots, paired with related lighting diagrams, which include walk-throughs and immersive discussions.

In addition, there is a running set of discussions on other topics. Those include finding your compass point as a photographer, gaining access to the people and things you want to photograph, adding value to your community and building a sustainable business model in the age of the web.

As a 20-year staff newspaper photojournalist - and more recently, a widely-read blogger at Strobist - Hobby also explains in detail how he combines those skills to create a unique ecosystem in which he can thrive as a self-directed photographer

The first six DVDs are standard discs which are meant to play in any standard DVD player. The seventh disc is a DVD-ROM which contains compressed files of all of the content from the first six discs. They are formatted be dragged (in whole or part) to a portable media player such as an iPod touch or iPhone or Android devices via iTunes or other similar software. The portable media files are formatted as h.264, for minimum size and maximum compatibility with other portable devices, such as Android phones.


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