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D-Town TV Collection (Season 1)

D-Town TV Collection (Season 1)

English | 511 Kbps, MPEG4 Video (H264) 640x360 24.00 fps | 128 Kbps, AAC 48 kHz stereo | 2.27 Gb

D-Town TV is a fresh approach to teaching camera tips and photographic techniques to today's digital photographers with Rafael "RC" Concepcion and Larry Becker as its hosts. No matter what the skill level or interest, each episode covers a wide variety of topics.

Season 1

Episode 1

Join us here each week as Scott and Matt share their photography knowledge along with the coolest tips and tricks out there for Nikon’s digital SLR cameras.

Episode 2
How to set up the back of your camera to automatically zoom into 100% view (by just pressing one button) so you can see the details in your photo

Some tips in camera for shooting HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos

A Capture NX tip for processing an HDR image

The low-down on Vibration Reduction (VR) lenses - when to use it and, just as importantly, when not to.

Episode 2 bonus

Matt Kloskowski gets more in-depth on showing you how to shoot HDR photography from Episode 02.

Episode 3
The When, How, and Why behind the Color Space setting on your camera (Adobe RGB or sRGB)

Some tips on using the INFO display on the back of your camera

A look at battery grips and where they come in handy

Some D-90 tips for photos and video

Episode 4

How to set up a flash for wireless operation

Joe McNally's SB900 tip about setting Light Modes

How to trigger a wireless flash with your camera

Episode 5

How to setup channels on your wireless SB800 and SB900 flashes

Joe McNally's SB900 tip about using the flash zoom

A demo of using flash groups with multiple flashes

Episode 6

SB800 and SB900 accessories - the diffusion dome, wide angle diffuser, bounce card, and speed light stand

Joe McNally's SB900 tip about using IC Filters

The added accessories - SD8A and SD9 battery packs

Episode 7

3 reasons they love the vertical battery grip

Increasing frames per second with the use of extra battery packs, like the MS-D10

The basics of the 3 Auto Focus modes

Special Nikon guest Scott Diussa talks about single focus modes and continuous focus modes

There are some great Nikon seminars going around the country. Find out more at nikonschool.com

Scott and Matt demonstrate the versatility of the ThinkTank photo belt system. Visit ThinkTankphoto.com for more information

Ask Brad is a brand new link on the D-Town TV site. Viewers can submit questions and Brad will pick one to answer on the site

Episode 8

D40/D60 Menu Setting tips

Focus Point Wrap settings

Scott shows you how to make sure all of your wireless flashes are firing

On Location tips with Moose Peterson

Quick specs on the NEW Nikon D5000

Nikon's NEW AF-S DX Zoom-NIKKOR 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G ED Lens

Getting a handle on your Picture Control settings

Scott and Matt review the UPstrap Shoulder Strap

Episode 9

Tips on understanding variable aperture

Customizing menu settings using My Menu

On Location camera leveling tip from Moose Peterson

Formatting the memory card while it is inside the camera

Nikon Manager Scott Diussa has a tip on printing images directly from the camera to the printer

Tip on shooting quietly in Single Focus Mode

Moose Peterson provides information about focus screens to assist in keeping your camera level. Check out this product at nikontech.com

Here is a link to the product page for a Nikon Type E Focusing Screen

Get more information from Moose on his blog at www.moosenewsblog.com

Scott is teaching a landscape photography workshop in Savannah, GA. Visit GAPhotoworks.com for more information.

Episode 10

Scott shows you how to embed your copyright information into your image files in-camera.

Need to check if you have the latest firmware for your camera? Here's the link

Vincent Versace shows how to set black, white, and gray points in Capture NX2.

Matt gives a tip on time-lapse photography. Click here to download the JPEGS from Matt's Time Lapse Tip

Nikon Professional Services Manager Scott Diussa shows you the proper way to attach your camera strap.

For info on the St. Lucia workshop, check Joe McNally's blog, or the resort website to sign up.

Click here to download a PDF about Joe McNally's upcoming workshop

Scott shows how to attach the SD-9 battery pack to the bottom of a camera body

Scott's final tip... If you're wondering if a tip works for your camera, give it a try!

Episode 11

This week, the Nikon guys share how they set up a brand new camera. You'll see exactly which settings Scott and Matt change right out of the box. They explain what each one does and the reason why they make it a priority to change right away.

Episode 12

Matt demonstrates how to update your camera's firmware

Here's the link to the Nikon firmware update page. Find your product, then choose the Windows or Macintosh version. Detailed instructions to update firmware are on each product's page.

Scott shows how to turn off the Autofocus Assist light

Moose Peterson talks about using your camera strap to keep your camera safe

Vincent Versace demonstrates using Selection Control Points in Capture NX2

Scott shows how to reset your Quick Settings, like ISO and White Balance, back to their defaults

Episode 13

Matt explains Autofocus Priority modes; when you want to be in release priority mode or focus priority mode.

Scott shows the built-in SCENE modes the new D5000.

Learn about Picture Control settings from Scott Diussa, Nikon Professional Services Manager.

Explore Picture Control settings on this website from Nikon http://imaging.nikon.com/products/imaging/lineup/picturecontrol

Scott goes into the studio for a tip on avoiding the black gradient at the bottom of photos when using strobes.

Episode 14

Scott gives a tip on using Auto ISO to help sports photographers freeze action

Matt talks about using the self-timer as a substitute for a cable release

If you haven't already signed up to participate in the Worldwide Photo Walk, go check it out!

Learn how to use Picture Controls for creative looks in movie mode from Nikon Professional Services Manager Scott Diussa

Matt explains what Active D-Lighting is and when you want to use it

Scott demonstrates using the Hoodman Loupe to see your LCD in bright light

Have some equipment you want to sell? Send it to the Equipment Lady, Laurie Excell!

Episode 15

Matt demonstrates in-camera NEF processing

Scott explains rear curtain sync for flash

Vincent Versace demonstrates selective sharpening in Capture NX2

Scott shows how to customize the Function and Depth of Field Preview buttons for quick shortcuts

Matt shows how to turn on the Viewfinder Grid Display to help line up the elements in your photos

Episode 16

Variable Minimum Aperture vs. Constant Aperture

FX and DX cameras and lenses explained

If you own a lens, you're going to use it for everything!

Moose Peterson shows how to carry your camera to protect your lens

Scott and Matt share their favorite lenses for shooting portraits

Episode 17

Scott & Matt share their favorite lenses for shooting weddings

Scott Diussa shows more examples for when using Auto ISO might be useful

Scott gives a tip about using the D90 and D5000 to shoot video

Matt talks about using the Lensbaby for a special effects look

Scott shows how to turn the beep off to be less distracting

Episode 18

Scott and Matt share their favorite lenses for shooting sports

The guys show the advantage of using the Black Rapid R-Strap

Moose Peterson tells how you can increase your Frames Per Second by changing camera settings

Matt and Scott go on location to give tips and share their favorite lenses for shooting landscapes

Episode 19

If you haven't watched the other Lens shows, start at Episode 16

What happens when you put a DX lens on an FX body, or a non-DX lens on a DX body

Scott and Matt share their favorite travel lenses

Moose Peterson shows how to save your camera settings to a card

Nikon is now a sponsor of the 2nd Annual Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photo Walk, and they're giving away a D700 to the winner!

Check out example images here

Explore the Nikon "Lens Alphabet" here

Matt talks about using macro lenses for both macro photography and portraits

Episode 20

Scott and Matt discuss lens options that fall in the budget price range

Scott had an adventure when he misplaced his camera gear. Read about it on his blog

Lensprotogo.com has wonderful options for renting camera lenses

Scott and Matt define some of the terminology that they use in the show

Moose Peterson has a quick tip on macro focusing

Scott's new book, Digital Photography Volume 3, is available for preorder now

Matt and Scott talk about the benefits of using equipment like lens hoods, uv filters, circular polarizers, neutral density filters, and cleaning kits

Check out the entire selection of Nikon lenses at the B&H Photo website

Episode 21

Camera not beeping when you focus? Scott tells you why

Matt shares tips on shooting and processing panoramas or HDR images

Scott Diussa talks about setting your Flash Shutter Speed to make more evenly exposed images when using flash

Come see Scott, Matt, and many other great instructors at Photoshop World in Las Vegas!

Scott shows the difference between the Rotate Tall in the Playback menu and Auto Image Rotation in the Setup Menu

Matt explains the AF-A, AF-S, and AF-C autofocus modes

Don't forget to check out Scott's blog!

Episode 22

Matt and Scott share some beginners tips about flash compensation and exposure modes

Moose Peterson has a tip about buffer management

Tips on protecting your gear when out in the field

Here is the Strobist post on quick-changing lenses

Keep your highlight warning turned on and use exposure compensation to get the best shot

Episode 23

Scott shares a tip for shooting better panoramas and editing them in Photoshop

Brad talks about the multiple exposure option and how to put it to use

Visit Zarias.com for some examples of multiple exposures

Bill Sanders from Bogen Imaging stops by to demonstrate the Manfrotto Quick Stack Stands for use with off-camera flashes

Brad has a tip on using the help button to describe your camera's menu options

Viewers can submit questions to the Ask Brad section of the website

Scott has a helpful tip when using the camera's diopter to adjust the focus of the viewfinder

Episode 24

Thank you for your support! We'll be back with a brand new show in a month. Keep an eye on the

DTown TV website and Scott's blog for upcoming info

Matt explains the difference between matrix, spot, and center-weighted metering modes

Nikon has announced two new cameras, the D300s and the D3000, as well as new versions of the 70-200 f/2.8 and 18-200 f/3.5-5.6 lenses

Scott makes some clarifications on exposure compensation

Matt shows how to shoot tethered using Camera Control Pro 2

screen c 600 c

screen c600c art grafica

picture control nikon d7000 setup

nikon d3000 kit
nikon d7000

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