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Gnomon Workshop: Gnomon Series 3ds Max Techniques with Jeff Patton

Gnomon Workshop: Gnomon Series 3ds Max Techniques with Jeff Patton

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Jeff is a self-taught freelance digital artist and has been freelancing for the past six years. In that time he has worked on many projects, a lot of which have been mechanical illustrations for companies like Johnson Controls, Trane, Carrier, and Honeywell. More recently he has spent some time teaching on-site mental ray classes, which he enjoys as it has allowed him to travel around the country and meet a lot of really great people.

Jeff is an active member of several online forums such as CGsocietey (CGtalk), the Vizdepot, and Autodesk s the AREA website where he often tries to assist users with their mental ray related questions. In addition, last year he teamed up with Russell Thomas, owner of 3dallusions.com, to help create mrmaterials.com which is a free material repository for the mental ray community.

Jeff Patton is a fantastic and dedicated teacher. His clear and easy to understand explanations of complex lighting and rendering concepts have helped thousands of artists take the next step in creating killer images.


Material Basics


mental ray

nstalling Plugins, Scripts and Shaders


Lighting Basics

3ds Max Light Basics

Area Light Issues

mrSun and mrSky

Using HDRs

Rendering Tools

dentifying Noise

Depth of Field

Managing Color Bleed


Exposure/Tone Mapping

Glowing Objects

Motion Blur

mrProxy Objects

Rendering Techniques

Creating Clay Renders

NPR - Toon Rendering

Vehicle Rendering in 3ds Max 2009

Indirect Illumination

Final Gather

Global Illumination

Lighting Digital Sets

Architectural Interiors - Day

Architectural Interiors - Night

Architectural Exteriors - Day

Architectural Exteriors - Night

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