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AE.TUTSPLUS.COM - Video Tutorials for Adobe After Effects (Volume 9)

AE.TUTSPLUS.COM - Video Tutorials for Adobe After Effects (Volume 9)

English | QuickTime (MOV) | 9.5 Hours | 4.78 Gb

Video: 1280x800, 30 frame/s | Audio: mp4a: 44100Hz 128 kb/s tot , stereo (2/0)

Aetuts+ is a site made to house and showcase some of the best After Effects tutorials around. We publish tutorials that not only produce great effects, but explain them in a friendly, approachable manner. We also stock up links to tutorials, articles, presets and plugins from around the web to help you get the most out of After Effects.

192. 5 Basic Ways To Populate Mass Groups Within After Effects – AE Basix

In this tutorial we look at 5 individual ways of duplicating crowds. These methods are:

* Simple Masking (garbage matting)

* Rotoscoping

* Difference Matting

* Chroma Keying

* Camera Technique

The tutorial explains each of the methods, the pros and cons, and goes in depth to show how to create the final preview using the difference matting technique. The last part also contains some general compositing techniques that can be applied to each method.

193. Create A Gas Giant Planet Scene In After Effects

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create a Gas Giant planet, moons, sun and starfield totally in After Effects. This tutorial makes extensive use of Fractal Noise which can be used to create a whole host of visuals, and some expressions to link the light direction on the different elements we create.

194. Connect Your Scale Relative To The Camera’s Position


Either of two theories developed by Albert Einstein…

The Special Theory of Relativity, which requires that the laws of physics shall be the same as seen by any two different observers in uniform relative motion, or The General Theory of Relativity, which considers observers with relative acceleration and leads to a theory of gravitation.

195. Convert Your Animations For Stereoscopic Viewing

In this tutorial, you’ll find everything you need to make a Stereoscopic 3D Video, I’ll explain how to make a 3D video with real camera footage or with 3D software (3Ds Max, Blender, Cinema 4D…)

196. Intro To Combustion For The After Effects User – AE Basix

This tutorial is basically for those who love After Effects and want to learn a different compositing software. Well rounded people are in demand nowadays who can handle more than one kind of software. We will be going over the most basic workflow of Autodesk Combustion. This tutorial is made specifically aimed toward those who are comfortable with AE so we’ll go back and forth between the two.

197. Overview Of The Foundry’s New “CameraTracker” Plug-in – Part 1

In the AE Part 1 of this 3 Part Series we will learn about The Foundry’s new CameraTracker, We’ll look at how it can be used to extract 3d data from shots, which can assist us in placing 3D assets into scenes. Additionally, we’ll cover how to use the AEtoC4D Script to export our 3D data to Cinema4D.

Overview of The Foundry’s New “CameraTracker” Plug-in – Part 2

The Foundry’s CameraTracker Giveaway! – Winners Announced

198. Use Music To Create A Particle Splash

Using the keyframe data generated from the audio waveform, we’ll be connecting our Particular emitter to create a splashy particle animation. Enjoy!

199. Intro To Fusion For The After Effects User – AE Basix

It may be true that After Effects is the more popular software for creating eye candies and blending CGI and reality. But it’s also true that different studios use other softwares for creating their works. This time we will take a look at node based software called Eyeon Fusion. In this first tutorial I’ll present Fusion’s workflow and some of its basic tools. You will learn how to import footage, connect nodes, set up their parameters and create some simple animations.

200. Introduction To Writing Scripts For AE – Expressions Day 1

This series of tutorials will get you closer to the world of variables and case-by-case analysis. The introduction to javascript will start with After Effects expressions and continue on to writing scripts that build an entire scene. Expressions and Scripts are used to automate values that would take a long time to keyframe or building scenes containing a lot of similar elements, with a few lines of code.

201. The Projector – Old School Movie Intro Walkthrough

In this tutorial we’ll combine basic shapes to make a camera silloutte in Photoshop before bringing it over to After Effects. We’ll learn how to directly select font layers in combination w/ the paths tool to create unique shadows and pick up on some short cuts here and there. We’ll also be, please don’t hate me, making a small sacrifice doing some folder organizing to better help control our creative chaos. But hey, I don’t think anyone truly enjoys losing track of files so lets try and put an end to most of that… This way we can get back to the more important things in life…. Have fun!

202. Play An Intense Game Of Human Pong

If you’re good at playing sport games on your computer but suck at sports in real life, this tutorial is just for you. You’ll learn how to combine 3D animation with live footage through 2d and 3d tracking. It’s time to bring back some life to the all time classic tennis game…. “PONG”!

203. How To Make Blinding Paparazzi Flashes

Have you ever see the masses of photographers at red carpet events and the hundreds of flashes going off when a star walks by? In this tutorial you can find out out to make bright Paparazzi Flashes in After Effects for use in a logo reveal. I will show you how to the flash element and use a particle system to create the appearance of flashes.

204. Make Your Own Smooth 3D Outlined Text Using Particles

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create nice looking particle-generated 3D text. Instead of faking the 3D look, let Particular draw whatever shape or design you want in actual 3D space and bring your fancy titles to a new level!

205. Introduction To Writing Scripts For AE – Expressions Day 2

This is the second tutorial on the road to generating script files for After Effects. I read the comments from Part 1 stating that those are expressions, not actual javascripts. I figured, to learn what javascript does from scratch, you have to understand expressions first, because you can immediately see what the changes do. There will be one more tutorial on placing layers with expressions, then we’ll move on to actual scripts. In this tutorial you will learn how for-loops can help analyzing several frames in order to customize effects.

206. Rewind Your Animation Like An Old VHS Tape

Hit the rewind button and remember the days when VHS and Betamax ruled. In this tutorial from After Effects artist Jason Moore, you’ll learn how to use displacement maps, fractal noise and a few other effects to create a realistic old school rewind and pause effect. This effect is achieved using standard After Effects plugins; no third party plugins required.

207. A Handy Hassle-Free Stop Motion Look

This tutorial will show you how to fake the look of a low budget or homemade stop motion animation using 3dsmax and after effects. No plug-ins are needed.

208. Recreate Your Own “Tron” Title Opener – CG Part1

This tutorial explains how to make a Flying logo with “Tron Legacy” style, using Cinema 4D and After Effects.

In this first part we will make modeling and animation of the logo, will follow the second part in After Effects for realization of the scenario and final compositing with the tron neon motorcycles. Good Vision

209. Recreate Your Own “Tron” Title Opener – AE Part2

This second part of tutorial explains how to give our comps a realistic “Tron Legacy” style, using Photoshop. After, we’ll composite the 3d logo, scene, audio file and TRON neon motorcycles together inside After Effects.

Honey, for your eyes

210. Stay On Pulse Creating A Shape-Driven Electrocardiogram

You can find EKGs made with After Effects everywhere. The good thing about this one is that it just uses shape layers and mattes to create a realistic effect.

This tutorial will teach you how to create the basic shape of the line and how to make it appear over the screen.

211. A Funky Introduction To SoundKeys – Interface Overview - Part 1

This is the first of a three part tutorial on one of the most useful plug-in around when it comes to working with audio – “Sound Keys“.
In this part I will introduce you to the sound keys interface with and we will take a look at the very basic ways you can apply it to your work .

212. A Funky Introduction To SoundKeys – Putting It To Work - Part 2

This is the second of three parts tutorial on one of the most useful plug-ins around when it comes to working with audio – “Sound Keys“.

In this part I will introduce you to some more advanced uses of Sound Keys such as integrating it with other effects, time remap, and the ever popular lips sinking.

213. A Funky Introduction To SoundKeys – A Celebration Of Color - Part 3

In this third and last part of the three parts tutorial on Sound Keys, I will guide you step by step (more or less…) through the process of creating that Celebration of Color with Sound Keys, Particular and Form.

214. Splice Together A Quick Filmstrip Animation

Today we’ll be creating a filmstrip with a 3D perspective using basics features within After Effects and Photoshop. Whether you need a custom DVD menu back ground or need an intro before showing old archived footage, this is a simple and easy way to create a great look filmstrip effect.

215. Work On Developing Your Running “Form”

The effect we’ll try to remake is inspired by the motion graphics created for Pacha. (watch video). We’ll use the Trapcode Form plug-in and two source clips to create the shapes. The clips are just one example. I used two png sequence rendered in Curios Labs Poser. You can use all the footages you want.

216. Show Picasso What You’re Made Of With Soundkeys

part series Funky Introduction to Soundkeys, this tutorial will show you how to synchronize random graphics with audio. There are many tutorials around the web focusing on this similar effects, but this one is a bit more abstract. We’ll use a couple expressions, but nothing too complicated. Above all, I hope you enjoy it because that’s what its all about!

AEtoC4D Plugin

school intro after effects

expression for adobe after effect

Best Adobe After Effects Intro
Adobe After Effects 9

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