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Blender Foundations: Durian Open Movie Project - Sintel (DVD 3)

Blender Foundations: Durian Open Movie Project - Sintel (DVD 3)
English | 720x480 | 3 hours | MPEG-2 | 7.22 Gb

In total 12 artists and three developers were invited to come over to Amsterdam for almost a year to create this fantasy action-based 3D short movie with Blender. Lead by renowned Blender artists Colin Levy (direction) and David Revoy (art direction) and with a script from Esther Wouda - based on ideas from famous Dutch cartoonist Martin Lodewijk - and music by Jan Morgenstern, this has been an exciting project!

Just like project Orange, and Peach and Apricot, the end result itself and all of the production files are being published under the Creative Commons, free to be reused and for everyone to learn from. More importantly, the team has challenged Blender itself to the max, inspiring the developer community to prove Blender is ready for feature quality 3D production. Special attention has been spent on animation techniques, smoke/fire simulations, Global Illumination, sculpting, micro detail rendering, and getting the new Blender 2.5 well tested and improved.

DVD 3: Extras
- Html interface to browse the contents
- Sintel film in HD (5.1 and stereo mp4)
- Ali Boubred documentary in HD
- 29 tutorial videos, by 10 people, almost 5 hours.
- 4-split video of film, in storyboard, directors layout, opengl animation, final.
- High resolution artwork (incl poster, 4k renders)
- David Revoy concept art gallery
- Weeklies gallery + fun avi tests
- Esther Wouda on script progress and article on the screenplay
- the Live Edit: Blender sequencer with every shot as avi + grading setup
- Blender 2.5 render branch binaries
- OpenEXR originals from the render farm, 1 for every shot (220)

sintel dvd

blender foundation durian open movie project sintel full dvd c



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