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Houdini Master.11.0.658 [ 32 & 64 bit ]

Houdini Master - a powerful tool for modeling and creating special effects, while a functional set of 3D graphics.

The program allows you to produce complex images without the need for additional plug-ins or a group of programmers. Among the innovations of the eleventh version of the new engine to work with fluids to simulate the behavior of liquids, gas, and the movement of sand. 1911 version includes Autodesk FBX export providing interoperability with other 3D applications such as Autodesk 3ds Max and Autodesk Maya.

Particular attention is paid to the interface and usability. Users will be able to achieve the same results by performing fewer operations. The ability to use the Python programming language for creating scripts and writing expressions. This option will be exercised through the medium Houdini Object Model.

* Friendly user interface
* Polygonal modeling
* NURBS Modeling
* Create geometry objects
* Advanced tools for editing motions
* Procedural animation and motion editing
* Creating and editing sounds
* Office of light and shadows
* Integrated support for the Python language
* Tools for the simulation of fluids, fire, smoke and fur
* FBX import, which supports NURBS
* Support for Adobe Illustrator
* Ability to save in. MDD to exchange information with Lightwave. You can also use the plugin use the Point Oven. MDD files in other applications such as XSI, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3ds Max, or Messiah
* Tools Shatter and Break, which divide the model into pieces and tools Debris, by which the particles are separated
* Show shadows in the viewport (Viewport) and support for OpenGL 2
* Improved volume rendering

Treatment procedure:
In each directory (x32 or x64) is a text file "install.txt", look, read, all written
Only works when the internet

Language: English
Platform: Windows All
Medicine: Present

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Houdini 11 0 658

Billowy smoke Houdini

Billowy smoke Houdini
Houdihi Master 11 0 658

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