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FORGING FIRE STUDIO - 11 After Effects Tutorials

FORGING FIRE STUDIO - 11 After Effects Tutorials
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Genre: eLearning

Forging Fire Studio is a community website geared toward learning and mastering the Adobe Creative Suite (for now). Check out the "External Resources" section located in the main navigation for more valuable resources.

1. Animating A Flourish
Watch this free video tutorial and learn how to animate a flourish in After Effects. We’ll also add bounce to growing elements of a flourish. If you missed our “Making a Flourish” tutorial you can check it out in the Illustrator section of our tutorialog.

2. Using Trapcode Form
In this free After Effects video tutorial we’ll map the particles over a text layer using Trapcode Form and then break those particles apart into lines. We’ll also use Trapcode Form to simulate radiowaves (of sorts) then split and break those apart into dancing waves of particles.

3. Making Clouds With Trapcode Form
Clouds can look really great using Trapcode Form. Watch this free After Effects video tutorial and learn how to make clouds using Trapcode Form. If you don’t have Trapcode Form— get it today!

4. Making Real 3D Objects
In this free video tutorial we’ll show you how to make real 3D objects in After Effects. This same technique can be used to make 3D text, 3D flybys and the like. We’ll use the shatter effect that ships with After Effects to make this happen.

5. Making Clouds With Trapcode Particular
Making clouds is easy. Watch this free After Effects video tutorial and learn how to make rolling clouds using Trapcode Particular. All it takes is a solid with Trapcode Particular applied to the layer, a background and a camera. Could it be any easier?

6. Text To Smoke Using Trapcode Form
In this After Effects free video tutorial, we’re going to show you how to make text disappear into thin air. Using Trapcode Form we’ll go from a solid shape to little puffs of smoke that whisp off into the air…much like money these days, OMG!

7. Setting Your Logo On Fire Using Trapcode Form
In this After Effects free video tutorial, we’re going to show you how to make fire in After Effects. Using Trapcode Form, we’re going to give the logo a hot look and define a map for the shape of the fire.

8. Flip Style Animation
In this After Effects free video tutorial, we’re going to show you how to make a title plate flip in from thin air. Using 3D rotation and opacity animations will take this ae title plate from yawn to yell.

9. Swallowed By Light
In this free Adobe After Effects tutorial we’ll be looking at an industry standard exit transition where the last vignette is engulfed in light then the light scales down to nothingness with a tiny glint of light at the end, almost like turning off a monitor.
Note: I forgot to mention in the video that I’m using 32 bits per channel. In the project panel at the bottom you should see “8 bpc” if you opt/alt click on that twice it will change it to “32 bpc”. Or you can click that 8 bpc text and it will open a dialogue. From the “Depth” drop down menu located under the “Color” section, choose 32 bits per channel.

10. Glint Preset For After Effects
This free video tutorial shows you how to use our Glint preset. The FREE Glint preset emulates Trapcode Shine which retails for $99USD. You must have the Cycore Effects installed in your version of After Effects for this preset to work.

11. Sparks Title Sequence Using CC Particle World
In this free After Effects video tutorial we will be covering the steps to create your very own sparks title animation. Using CC Particle World, Trapcode Shine and a few linear wipes, we’ll be able to create a hot entrance and a cool down phase for some distinctive type. Check it out!

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After effect Project Glint

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