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Gnomon Workshop: Introduction to ZBrush 4 with Scott Spencer

Gnomon Workshop: Introduction to ZBrush 4 with Scott Spencer
English | MPEG4 | 1024x768 | 14:42:26 | 3.77 Gb

Over the last decade, ZBrush has become the industry standard application for digital sculpting and has been used in nearly every blockbuster film and video game produced during that time. Introduction to ZBrush 4 with Scott Spencer provides the most comprehensive set of instructional videos ever created for ZBrush users, covering everything from the absolute basics, to more advanced sculpting and detailing topics. With nearly 14 hours of instructional video, Scott is able to provide a detailed understanding of each tool and process from a practical approach. He also demonstrates his sculpting workflow and speaks about specific production issues that arise in production pipelines. The lessons start with a brief overview of the UI for the beginning learner, along with a few "Quickstart" lessons on sculpting. Scott then moves into the individual feature sets, including all of the new features and plugins for ZBrush 4, while showing how many of the features and tools work together. Lessons on working with ZBrush in conjunction with other 3D applications, in this case Maya, is also covered in many chapters of this DVD. Instructor for this title: Scott Spencer.

Include lessons:
Introduction to the ZBrush UI
Customizing the UI and Hotkeys
Sculpting "Quickstart"
Sculpting Techniques - Part 1
Sculpting Techniques - Part 2
Sculpting Techniques - Part 3
Custom Alphas
Hard Surface Brushes - "Clip"
Hard Surface Brushes - "Planar"
Hard Surface Brushes - "Trim and Polish"
HD Sculpting
Subtool Master
Mesh Extraction and Shadow Box
Topology Tools and Mesh Extraction
Polygroups and Visibility
Decimation Master
Transpose - Part 1
Transpose - Part 2
Transpose - Part 3
UV Basics
UV Master
Basic Go Z
Displacement and Normal Maps with Go Z
Polypaint and HD Paint
Displacement and Normal Maps using Multi Map Exporter
Bump Viewer Material
ZBrush Materials 01 - "Standard Materials"
ZBrush Materials 02 - "MatCap Materials"
ZBrush Materials 03 - "Lighting, Rendering and BPR"
ZBrush Materials 04 - "Sub-Surface Scattering Material"

The Gnomon Workshop Introduction to ZBrush 4 with Scott Spencer

Gnomon Workshop Introduction to ZBrush 4 with Scott Spencer

Gnomon_ _Introduction_To_Zbrush_4_With_Scott_Spencer

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