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The Structure of Man 5 DVD's (DVDRip)

The Structure of Man 5 DVD's (DVDRip)
English | WMV | 44100 BitRate | 43 Hours | 8.72 Gb

The Structure of Man 5 DVD's (227 Lessons)- From Invention to Complete Human Skeleton, Muscles of Human Head, Neck, Torso, Arms, Muscles of Hand, Pelvis, legs, Foot, Final lesson, Gesture Drawing, Figure Sketching Process, Realistic Rendering, Creation Process of Frankenstein, Advance Concepts - Includes Advance Drawing System, Ratios for Front and Back, Proportions, Female Ratios , Advance Head Study - Head Ratios, Emotions.

In addition to his astounding artistic skill Phoenix is also a fine educator and I have already recommended this set to several friends and colleagues (all of whom agree that ?The Structure of Man? has been of greater educational value than all of the drawing classes they took in college put together). What?s more the teaching style that Phoenix employs can bring anyone with the proper motivation (with or without prior fine art experience) the knowledge required to fully realize the intricate concept of human invention - so much so that the formulas become as easy to recall as the language we speak every day. With lessons learned from this set one will have the freedom and confidence to later infuse their own artistic sensibilities into the creation of the human form ? and from any imaginable perspective and pose. "The Structure of Man" is a treasured collection in my multimedia-training library and I look forward to any future projects that Mr. Phoenix has planned for the future.
The Structure of Man has been of great help with my understanding of Human Anatomy but even a greater help for just observing my environment in basic shapes and structures in order to put it down on paper. It proposes fresh ideas detailed step by step that won't let down anyone taking the challenge. I even think anyone who would like to give it a try even if they never made a single doodle in the past could easily understand and work with these videos. Don't hesitate to try this fascinating experience you have nothing to lose and everything to win!

the structure of man crfxfnm

Muscular male torso

the structure of man
the structure of man

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